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A hybrid mixer for biogas applications which fills the hydraulic gap between the slow running 2500 and the faster running Phantom 1000. Thanks to its high thrust forces it can therefore contribute to the formation of a global tank flow in biogas plants.

At the same time, however, the propeller, which has been designed by hydraulics experts, also generates the turbulences required to prevent floating layers. This mixer is extremely versatile over a wide range of applications. For example fast runners with motors up to 18.5 kW can be replaced by a Phantom 1400 with 7.5 kW nominal output without thrust force losses, enabling energy costs to be reduced by up to 60%.

A change of mixers can usually be made on the existing installation set. As the Phantom 1400 acts as a flow accelerator as well as a source of turbulence with lower energy consumption, it can be used as the sole mixer in fermenters for example in 75kW biogas plants.

Technical data


Propeller material: Physinit®
Propeller diameter: 1400 mm
Propeller speed: 88 - 115 rpm
Max. axial thrust: 5700 N


Energy efficiency class: IE3
Explosion protection zone: II 2G Ex db h IIB T3Gb
Motor power: 6 - 16 kW
Max. permissible temperature: 60°C


The Phantom 1400 is a hybrid mixer for biogas applications and closes the gap.