My Vision - Quality

Long Term Experience - An ambitious mixer cannot be developed from behind a desk. It takes long-term experience and broad application expertise to make the engine suitable for everyday use. And we do not compromise. We use the most sophisticated computational fluid dynamic analyzing tools in our hydraulic laboratory and each individual feature has been tested in real-word conditions.

Premium Materials - The materials make the difference. During the development of our technology, we take special care to ensure the materials we use meet the highest requirements with regard to wear resistance, longevity and functionality. Premium materials - even in manufacturing critical parts such as the propeller, gear box, mechanical seal, cables and motor - make outstanding, durable products possible.

Premium Suppliers - We have created a dedicated supplier environment to ensure long-term partnerships. We count on premium brands and rely on competent companies that distinguish themselves with technology expertise, innovation and customer orientation. Our customers can be confident that our products and parts will always have exceptional quality and will always be available.

Individual Quality Control - Reliability and quality are the core driving force of our company. We check every mixer for its heavy duty capability, functionality and the highest quality standards before it leaves our factory - every order, every mixer, every time.


„A submersible mixer for biogas plants must live maintenance
free for fi ve years to be economically interesting for the owner.“

Alois Maier
Founder and President PTM GmbH