PHANTOM - The Mixer

The most efficient submersible mixer in its league, the PHANTOM provides superior performance in challenging applications. Compared with high speed and conventional slow speed mixers, the PHANTOM features the integration of many optimized components to deliver unsurpassed lifetime and thrust-power-ratio.

A passion for detail elevates
a standard mixer into a PHANTOM!

Heavy Duty in detail

  1. Extremely wear-proof propeller made from PA12 guarantees abrasion and corrosion resistance and the highest thrust-power-ratio.
  2. Hardened seal cover protects the mechanical seal from fibers.
  3. Shielded mechanical seal in tandem execution resists bites by solids and fibers.
  4. Optimized protection bracket made from stainless steel effectively prevents the intrusion of solids and fibers.
  5. Gliding sled with multiple movable rolls guarantees free mobility.
  6. Motor with high reserve delivers continuously high power even in high temperature environment.
  7. Large cable profile significantly increases cable lifetime.
  8. Precision bearings guarantee smooth operation even at frequent load changes.