PTM GmbH is a specialized manufacturer of high quality mixing equipment. We offer unparalleled experience handling the most challenging applications and a deep knowledge of the sophisticated technology requirements used in biogas applications.

PTM GmbH has developed a range of mixers that combines maximum efficiency with exceptional durability. These mixers are available with propeller diameters of 1,000 m, 1,400 mm and 2,500 mm to meet a variety of requirements.

Our mixers feature impressive, monolithic propellers and are powered by motors with large reserves. A tested and proven mechanical seal was specially developed to handle fluids with high fibre content.

The propellers are manufactured from a high performance plastic that is specifically designed to resist wear. This monolithic material is far superior to standard metallic or fiberglass propeller materials. It sets new standards in wear resistance and provides an excellent thrust to power ratio for minimizing energy consumption. Highly regarded by experienced operators, the propeller durability ensures service life far beyond the market standard, ensuring economic success.